Home, God, and Country

"A Country Man" – (Words and Music by Rich Owen) This song is something of a self-portrait. While there were certain country artists I've always liked (usually cross-over bands like the Eagles), it was only fairly recently in my life that the country genre really captured my heart and soul. Indeed, it was the events of 9/11/2001 (or more properly, its aftermath) that really solidified my love of country music. The country music industry responded to 9/11 with a flood of songs about love of God, country, freedom, and respect for our armed forces; they celebrated and reaffirmed what makes America great, and saluted our patriots that keep it that way. The rest of the music industry, aside from a few charity concerts and events, pretty much ignored it, at least with regards to their music. That is why I now and forever will love country music.

"I Ain't Ready For Forever" – (Words and Music by Rich Owen) This is the first song I ever wrote, and I wrote if for my wife, Kolleen. We both believe marriage to be ordained from God and eternal. She joked one day about how I'm stuck with her for forever, to which I responded, "Forever just ain't long enough." Yeah, pretty sappy, but that's she and I in a nutshell. Anyway, from that seed the song pretty much wrote itself.

"Uphill Both Ways" – (Words and Music by Rich Owen) There are times in every relationship where things can get rough. The key is to recognize it, then do something about it. This song is a reminder of what we loose when we get so comfortable with the people we love that we forget to show them that we still do.

"Crying In Her Sleep" – (Words and Music by Rich Owen) This song is about my wife. She has struggled with depression all her life. Yet she has managed to raise four great kids and has always been there for me. I wanted her to know how much I respect her for that, which is what this song is really about.

"What of Them?" – (Words and Music by Rich Owen) This song pretty much speaks for itself. I've served in the military, in peace and in war, and I just got tired of politicians trying to score political points at the expense of our brave men and women in uniform.

"Don't Give Up On Me" – (Words and Music by Rich Owen) I wrote this for my son, Daniel, who recently graduated from high school. Dan has Aspergers Syndrome, a form of autism. I was so proud of him when I saw him walk across the stage to get his diploma, I felt compelled to write the song to tell him how I felt. It is also a tribute to all parents and children who buck the odds and don't give up on themselves or each other. I hope it provides inspiration and comfort to them all.

"The Man They Need Me To Be" – (Words and Music by Rich Owen) This song started out as a prayer. There was one day where I was feeling like I was being pulled in six directions at once, Wife needed help with something, kids all seemed to want something; even the dog needed food and water! That night, I knelt by the bed to prayer, and all I could think to ask was, "Lord, help me be the man my wife needs me to be, the dad my kids need me to be, and the son you want me to be. The song flowed from there.

"We're the Ones" – (Words and Music by Rich Owen) After serving my country, I went to work as a defense contractor. One day, I decided to write a song about how I and my co-workers feel about what we do. This song is a tribute to our troops, but equally important it is a salute to everyone actively supporting our brave men and women in uniform; be they defense contractors, government civilians, family members of a service member, or the 70-year old retired master sergeant volunteering at the information desk at the VA hospital.

"Herding Cats" – (Words and Music by Rich Owen) A page from "A Day in the Life of Rich Owen and Family".

"The Kiss of Death" – (Words and Music by Rich Owen) A somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at what it's like for a guy to get dumped by his girlfriend.

"With Nothing at All" – (Words and Music by Rich Owen) A simple love song. Like most of my music, it draws it's inspiration from real life triumphs and challenges.