Whats Left of My Heart

"That Woman is a Cougar" - (Words and Music by Rich Owen) An irreverent look at the "cougar" phenomenon.

"What's Left of My Heart" - (Words and Music by Rich Owen) This is the title track of my second album, and is dedicated to our wounded veterans. It was inspired by a real-life encounter with one of our veterans. I myself am a disabled vet, but was fortunate enough that my own disability is primarily a nuisance, rather than something that is life-altering. The gentleman I based this song on suffered a traumatic and permanent disability. He could have been bitter, but instead felt simply blessed that he lived to come home to his family and has country.

"We Surround Them" - (Words and Music by Rich Owen) My "angry taxpayer song". Let's face it: Washington is out of control and refuses to do the peoples' will. I wrote this after attending my first-ever political event, a Tea Party rally in Colorado Springs, CO, on 15 April 2009. Nuff said.

"To Guide Me Home" - (Words and Music by Rich Owen) This is my first gospel song, and began life as a prayer. It is a reminder that we all feel lost and alone at times, and need to reach out to our Father in heaven for help and strength.

"Walking in Daddy's Shoes" - (Words and Music by Rich Owen) While "To Guide Me Home" was written for my Father in heaven, this one is for my father here on Earth. He is the person I most try to emulate in life, and -- along with my dear mother -- one of the people on this Earth I most want to avoid disappointing.

"If the White House Was in Memphis" - (Words by Eugene Crider and Music by Rich Owen) This is the first song I've co-written with someone else. It is my own tribute to "The King", Elvis Presley.

"Just Wanna Be Wanted" - (Words and Music by Rich Owen) Your typical country broken-heart song. A little whiney, I suppose, but I was feeling whiney that day.

"Under a California Moon" - (Words and Music by Rich Owen) I wrote this for my oldest daughter. I was driving with her to California, where she was going to attend college. She's the first to leave the nest, so to speak, and she was sleeping in the passenger seat as we drove across the California dessert on I-15. I got the idea for the song and grabbed a napkin from the glovebox at the next gas stop and wrote a few lines down.

"One Song at a Time" - (Words and Music by Rich Owen) I wrote this for my dear friend, Richard Harris, when he passed away just this last year. His love of music and singing were unmatched in anyone I've ever met, and his last wish before he died was to come out one final time to sing Karaoke with us at his favorite club. His wish was granted, and he had the time of his life. A few short weeks later he succumbed to old age and passed peacefully away at home, surrounded by most of his eight children and numerous grandchildren. His spirit lives on.

"Who Would You Be Now" - (Words and Music by Rich Owen) A song about lingering regret.