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06/02/2023: New Single Out To Radio

My latest single, "Line Dance King",  went out to radio Friday, May 26, 2023. See New Music Weekly's New Country Release page. It is now available to all radio stations through Airplay Access, so you can simply request your local radio and internet stations play the song. Here's the download link (radio stations, only; not yet available to the general public). LDK is a co-write by me and veteran Nashville songwriter, the talented Mr. Bill Diluigi.

In other news, I'm very close to having a new band put together, the Rich Owen Band (ROB). That means live shows are in the near future! God bless.

09/21/2022: So, what's next?

My single, "Redline", has finally dropped off the New Music Weekly Country Charts, after over 16 weeks. It's topped out with the following stats:

Country Main Chart:
Country Main: "Redline" Went from #28 to #24
Indie Main: "Redline" Went from #5 to #2
Central U.S.: "Redline" Debut @ #4
Eastern U.S.: "Redline" Went from #10 to #6

Country Digital Chart:
Country Digital: "Redline" Went from #11 to #10
Indie Digital: "Redline" Went from #4 to #3

"Redline" is still getting radio play, but it's about had it's run. So, what's next? Well, I was privilaged to spend a week in Nashville, writing songs with some great songwriters. Production is in the planning stages to choose two of the best songs to come out of those writing sessions, and then go into the studio in Nashville and record them. Finally, one of those songs will be chosen and pushed to radio in a new radio release campaign.

In other news, I'm putting together a new band here in Branson; hopefully, we'll start doing shows and gigs within a month. Stay tuned, thanks, and God bless.

08/11/2022: "Redline" Kickstarter campaign to start soon!

So, my single "Redline" is still climbing the New Music Weekly country charts. This is the title track for my next album; I've got eight our of 10 songs complete, and have two more to complete the album. The level of quality necessary to compete on country radio is high, and I find myself short of the resources to complete those last two songs, as well as afford the campaign to get the next single out to radio (it takes money, and until such time as a record label offers me a record contract, those costs fall on me, the artist). I need your help! As a result, I'm turning to Kickstarter to raise the funds to take this project across the finish line, and I'm asking for your help. You can see the campaign page HERE. Click on the "Notify me on launch" button on the campaign page to be alerted when the campaign goes live and starts accepting donations. Come join me on this creative journey, while ensuring you get access to the album months before the rest of the world! And thanks again for standing by me these last few years, and helping make "Redline" a success!

06/17/2022: "Redline" Video now available!

Watch it here, and on Youtube...

06/01/2022: "Redline" doing great!

Great things are happening, both with "Redline", and with music, in general. The song has debuted on three different charts with New Music Weekly. It is currently no 20 on the Country Indie chart, no. 18 on the Country Digital Indie Chart, and no. 38 on the Country Digital chart; it's up on all three from last week. "Redline" will soon be avaibable for streaming and downloads, and there's music video, also soon to be released. In the meantime, you can listen to a sample of "Redline", below.

In other big news, I will be at CMA Fanfest in Nashville (first time, for me), next week. I'll be available to meet-n-greet at the SSM Nashville booth next Thursday, 9 June 2022, from 3 - 3:45 PM Central Time. In another first for me, I'll be performing at Country Jam in Grand Junction, CO, on 23 June 2022, as part of a songwriters' showcase. I'm incredibly honored and humbled to be asked. Special thanks to my friend, Barb Dye, for throughing my name in the hat for this.

I'm so incredibly thankfule to the folks at SSM Nashville for all their efforts to get this song on radio! I'm likewise thankful to my fans, my family, and my Father in heaven for helping me along this path!

Check out more content by following this link to my Reverbnation page.

04/30/2022: A New Year, and a New Home

Lot of changes going on, not the least of which is, I've said goodbye to my long-time home in Monument, Colorado, and moved to beautiful Branson, Missouri! It was with sadness I said "so-long" to my good friends in my band, "Mosquito Pass". They were an amazing group of guys and musicians, and I miss them. Thankfully, they've continued to make music as the Front Range's hottest country band.

The big news is, I've inked a singles release deal with SSM Nashville. We're litterally days away from releasing a new song, "Redline", to radio stations all across the country! "Redline" was co-written by myself and my former bass player and good friend, Marvin Shelton (no relation to Blake Shelton). As soon as it starts to roll out, I'll let ya'll know. A new video will be posted a few weeks after the radio campaign gets rolling.


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